Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Magazines, whether they are consumer, contract or trade, their influence over the fashion industry is huge.

The consumer magazine being one for the masses; with its audience as the general public, has the greatest influence over what people perceive they should or should not be wearing. These magazines, such as Vogue, Elle and Harpers Bazaar don’t just cover the hi-fashion, but extend into lifestyle and music, leaving no topic uncovered in order to delve into the minds of the consumers.

What I think is amazing about magazines though, is that there are so many out there, and I don’t presume to know that many of them either, but because there are so many, they each have their own specific readership and target audience.

Why are magazines so important to our lives? I suppose consumer magazines inform people what they believe the latest trends to be, how to wear them and where to find the, all important clothes. But can we not survive without them?....I’m not sure if we can. For example without magazines like Draper’s Record, shops and little boutiques would not stock that ‘amazing dress,’ or the latest autumn styles.

So what does make a good magazine? I’m not sure whether it’s a magazine that involves everything or just concentrates on a specific area...such as fashion!