Thursday, 22 November 2007

Web-zines, e-zines, the internet, its all amazing and quite frankly its mind boggling to me. The assignment was to look at ten e-zines, and what struck me was the layout and presentation of each was all very different.

My favourite that I came across, for some bazaar reason, was Henry Holland’s official site: The bright rainbow coloured glitter and golden frames emblazoned on a black background stood out from the crowd. Some might call it tacky but I don’t, it seems to go so well with his overall t-shirt design and I think its great. I found that quite a lot of the fashion e-zines I looked at had a bleak white background, it was very glary to me. I suppose they did this so the clothes stood out and you’re meant to think wow what great clothes but I personally find it too dull and ordinary compared to Holland’s sparkly madness.

When looking at the e-zines I couldn’t help but compare them to the picture of Holland’s website in my mind. The editorial sites were obviously stark in colour in contrast, but that’s understandable. They created the formal no nonsense look with black, red and white, the bold type and the informative language, which the Holland site lacked; it was all pictures of the notorious t-shirts.

E-zines are just another step in the advertising world and the creativity to construct something that allows someone to see what your designs, work, news is all about with just a click, is amazing.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Kate's duo

I thought for a different muse combination I would look at a designer I had never heard of before: Proenza Schouler. That is to say the design duo Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, who seem to have paired up with the Hollywood star Kate Boswoth.

Since the two guys partnered on their graduation project in 1999 all has gone well and their modern, luxury label has been in business since 2002, presented with the CFDA’s Perry Ellis Award for new talent in 2003. The partner’s designs showcase simple silhouettes with a resemblance to the cheeky sixties and a comparable modernism to Courrèges or Paco Rabanne.

Kate Bosworth often wears Proenza Schouler’s designs and attends big fashion calendar events with the pair as well. Not only does Kate appear to love their clothes but loves their company as well; a perfect match for a muse combination, I think.

Kate stands side by side with the duo, in what looks a gorgeous shift dress; simple with delicate decoration round the edges, they look so good together. A perfect advert for the designers clothes.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

The 'Golden Lion' of Christiane Joy

Christiane Joy, the New York designer and stylist’s muse relationship takes it that one step further, taking mother-like pride in her loyalty to her muse Karen O. She says, “Karen looks pretty amazing,” and the designs for Karen O’s stage outfits are, “Simple but effective.”

Karen O the front women of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, since meeting Christiane Joy 2 years ago has been seen in nothing else for stage performances and shoots but Christian Joy’s designs, which obviously compliments Karen’s own personal style so well.

The flamboyant showstoppers include the “car crash dress” and the “shrimp dress,” (a taffeta and tulle ball gown), in which Karen O twirls and jumps around to the garage-rock music showing her underwear,her latest show being the 'Golden Lion.' Karen has managed to put Joy’s designs on the creative map, with demand growing for what was once only available online. As Karen has become a fashion icon with many Karen O look-a-likes publicity has grown for the designer and the workload has increased, as a result Joy plans to open an actual physical store.

The punk rock avant-garde style of Karen O and Christiane Joy is a match made in heaven and it will be the making of Joy’s own label, which goes to show what power the muse has.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Ethereal glamour

Nina Ricci, with silky fabrics and feminine colours have chosen Reese Witherspoon to be their model and muse.

The petite blonde who I will always associate with Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde, recently divorced from Ryan Philippe and mother of two (interviewed in the latest issue of Vogue) has shown yet another elegant façade to her appearance.

Wearing a yellow Nina Ricci frock to the Golden Globe Awards, accompanied by red strappy shoes and a single diamond bangle, Reese Witherspoon looked gorgeous as she walked down the red carpet.

But this isn’t just a one off; she looked the epitome of glamour as she stood in the intense purple bustier dress by none other than Nina Ricci. The pleated silk in delicate layers tumbled to the floor.

Reese Witherspoon has put the classic French Nina Ricci fashion house back on the A-list radar, her ethereal looks complimented by the delicate fabrics.

Paradis is perfect

Karl Lagerfeld: most recently noted for Lagerfeld Confidential: a documentary of the designer’s every day life, has chosen his muse to be Vanessa Paradis. Since 2003 at the Chanel couture show they have been inseparable, with Vanessa modelling in many of Chanel’s advertising campaigns, as well as choosing his designs to wear to special red carpet events.

Vanessa Paradis, the French actress, model, singer and wife of Johnny Depp, first modelled for Chanel 14 years ago, and has now become their glamorous walking advert.

Lagerfeld’s faces for Chanel also includes Kiera Knightely as well as the latest face that appears to be Rinko Kikuchi, who captivates Lagerfeld with her ‘Manga character’ look, the ability to first appear a mysterious woman and then show the face of a child next.

Paradis’ first advert for Coco Chanel was commissioned after her hit single “Joe le Taxi,” the perfume advert pictured Paradis on a trapeze, in a birdcage, and she said it was, ‘like being in a fairytale.’

Lagerfeld’s Chanel campaigns seem to have a mysterious lure to them and obviously Vanessa Paradis and Rinko Kikuchi add to that concept.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Moschino muse is a Burlesque beauty

The Creative Director at Moschino claims, ‘Today it is very difficult to find a woman who has a style,’ so I think he has met the perfect match with the Burlesque performer Dita Von Teese and her trademark 1940s red lips and nipped in waist.

This muse match pairing seems a perfect combination; Moschino’s cheeky and playful designs combined with Dita’s unique radiant image, highlights what I think is a distinctive image of Moschino. Dita obviously seems to like the old-Hollywood style glamour: feminine and elegant. She has said that she likes vintage clothing and modern designs that encompass that image such as Moschino.

Dita also featured in the Independent this Wednesday for her ‘cinematic delights’ that await us. It is reported that the dancer has agreed to play a young stripper in The Boom Boom Room as well as playing the lead in Martha Fiennes’ biopic next year.

The exotic Burlesque dancer formerly married to Marilyn Manson, is a modern day pin up that advertises Moschino’s latest designs a treat.

Playboy the unexpected

I can’t say I have ever read a men’s magazine, but the lecture on Men’s Alternative Magazine Market was really interesting, and I had no idea that Playboy; the first men’s magazine not to be aimed at gay men, has political articles and is actually quite a literary magazine.

When I hear Playboy magazine mentioned I think of the Hugh Hefner surrounded by beautiful young blonde woman and the Playboy mansion. I don’t think of literary and political articles. I’m sure I am not the only one that categorizes the Playboy mag into sex and nudity for men either!

Oz, Interview, Friends, Blast, Man About Town and The Best Generation are just some of the men’s magazines from the past, with Interview still going strong. In fact men’s fashion magazines of today are a strong competition for women’s in terms of the range out there, and Arena, L’umo Vogue, Another Man and VMan are the leading reads of today in terms of men’s fashion.

Men's fashion

I don’t really pay that much attention to men’s fashion, and so from our lecture on Men’s Alternative Magazine Market, I now know some of the key figures in men’s fashion. Although personally I prefer less ‘out there’ fashion for men, I like the shirt and jeans look more so than the tight black skinny jeans that make some guys look like they have sticks for legs. However I am not a fashion critic.

Apparently Raf Simons the Belgian fashion designer, Hedi Slimane who designs for Dior Homme, Walter Van Beirendonck with the woolly jumpers and cartoon pictures and Thierry Mugler known for his fantasy and silver designs are key fashion figures in terms of men’s fashion in the present market.

Raf Simons’ extreme designs involving futurism and the idea of the ‘interzone’ with the dreamlike reality still maintains a masculine feel and is one of the leading men’s fashion designers. Also he is most probably renowned for his collection based on terrorism, which was to show on 9/11, but of course had to be withdrawn.

Hedi Slimane put skinny jeans on the map, demanding the extinction of the baggy jeans, and that the future equalled skinny. Now all you see is guys wearing skinny jeans, so I guess Slimane was right in his prediction that skinny jeans was the next step in terms of men’s fashion. Slimane is also well known for his photo shoots for men’s mags and his previous best friend, Pete Doherty.

Woolly jumpers and t-shirts brightly coloured with cartoons emblazoned on them are by none other than, Walter Van Beirendonck whose cartoon portrait also appears on the front, and whose latest head fashion was published in the recent issue of Dazed&Confused. Glamour in the eyes of Beirendonck is anything to do with toys, computers and Rave imagery.

Thierry Mugler, who now concentrates on perfume, was all to do with magic and fantasy and dressing men in silver. Now Thomas Engelhart has taken over the designing concept and the label is still going strong.

I now feel slightly more informed on men’s fashion, although I have to say I do prefer looking at clothes for women.