Thursday, 1 November 2007

Playboy the unexpected

I can’t say I have ever read a men’s magazine, but the lecture on Men’s Alternative Magazine Market was really interesting, and I had no idea that Playboy; the first men’s magazine not to be aimed at gay men, has political articles and is actually quite a literary magazine.

When I hear Playboy magazine mentioned I think of the Hugh Hefner surrounded by beautiful young blonde woman and the Playboy mansion. I don’t think of literary and political articles. I’m sure I am not the only one that categorizes the Playboy mag into sex and nudity for men either!

Oz, Interview, Friends, Blast, Man About Town and The Best Generation are just some of the men’s magazines from the past, with Interview still going strong. In fact men’s fashion magazines of today are a strong competition for women’s in terms of the range out there, and Arena, L’umo Vogue, Another Man and VMan are the leading reads of today in terms of men’s fashion.

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