Thursday, 22 November 2007

Web-zines, e-zines, the internet, its all amazing and quite frankly its mind boggling to me. The assignment was to look at ten e-zines, and what struck me was the layout and presentation of each was all very different.

My favourite that I came across, for some bazaar reason, was Henry Holland’s official site: The bright rainbow coloured glitter and golden frames emblazoned on a black background stood out from the crowd. Some might call it tacky but I don’t, it seems to go so well with his overall t-shirt design and I think its great. I found that quite a lot of the fashion e-zines I looked at had a bleak white background, it was very glary to me. I suppose they did this so the clothes stood out and you’re meant to think wow what great clothes but I personally find it too dull and ordinary compared to Holland’s sparkly madness.

When looking at the e-zines I couldn’t help but compare them to the picture of Holland’s website in my mind. The editorial sites were obviously stark in colour in contrast, but that’s understandable. They created the formal no nonsense look with black, red and white, the bold type and the informative language, which the Holland site lacked; it was all pictures of the notorious t-shirts.

E-zines are just another step in the advertising world and the creativity to construct something that allows someone to see what your designs, work, news is all about with just a click, is amazing.

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