Friday, 2 November 2007

Paradis is perfect

Karl Lagerfeld: most recently noted for Lagerfeld Confidential: a documentary of the designer’s every day life, has chosen his muse to be Vanessa Paradis. Since 2003 at the Chanel couture show they have been inseparable, with Vanessa modelling in many of Chanel’s advertising campaigns, as well as choosing his designs to wear to special red carpet events.

Vanessa Paradis, the French actress, model, singer and wife of Johnny Depp, first modelled for Chanel 14 years ago, and has now become their glamorous walking advert.

Lagerfeld’s faces for Chanel also includes Kiera Knightely as well as the latest face that appears to be Rinko Kikuchi, who captivates Lagerfeld with her ‘Manga character’ look, the ability to first appear a mysterious woman and then show the face of a child next.

Paradis’ first advert for Coco Chanel was commissioned after her hit single “Joe le Taxi,” the perfume advert pictured Paradis on a trapeze, in a birdcage, and she said it was, ‘like being in a fairytale.’

Lagerfeld’s Chanel campaigns seem to have a mysterious lure to them and obviously Vanessa Paradis and Rinko Kikuchi add to that concept.

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