Saturday, 3 November 2007

The 'Golden Lion' of Christiane Joy

Christiane Joy, the New York designer and stylist’s muse relationship takes it that one step further, taking mother-like pride in her loyalty to her muse Karen O. She says, “Karen looks pretty amazing,” and the designs for Karen O’s stage outfits are, “Simple but effective.”

Karen O the front women of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, since meeting Christiane Joy 2 years ago has been seen in nothing else for stage performances and shoots but Christian Joy’s designs, which obviously compliments Karen’s own personal style so well.

The flamboyant showstoppers include the “car crash dress” and the “shrimp dress,” (a taffeta and tulle ball gown), in which Karen O twirls and jumps around to the garage-rock music showing her underwear,her latest show being the 'Golden Lion.' Karen has managed to put Joy’s designs on the creative map, with demand growing for what was once only available online. As Karen has become a fashion icon with many Karen O look-a-likes publicity has grown for the designer and the workload has increased, as a result Joy plans to open an actual physical store.

The punk rock avant-garde style of Karen O and Christiane Joy is a match made in heaven and it will be the making of Joy’s own label, which goes to show what power the muse has.

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