Thursday, 25 October 2007

Fahion muse meets business muse

Third on Elle’s top 10 muses, Christopher Kane the 24-year-old Scottish designer has taken the muse pairings a step further. Christopher’s chief muse, Tammy Kane is his sister, business partner and sometimes stands in as the in-house model. Not only that but she is also a trained designer herself and helps to create fabrics, however Christopher is the front man and face of the label in this ‘family business.’

Kane’s Spring/Summer 07 collection saw skimpy dresses but then came Autumn/Winter 07, which is my personal favourite, the rich velvets in reds and greens created that unique Tudor style, which saw his designs appear in many magazines.

Although this brother and sister pairing seem to be the perfect match in this fashion world, Tammy doesn’t seem to appear in the limelight that often compared to other muse pairings. However the couple’s muse approach obviously works as Kane wins New Generation Sponsorship for the third time.

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