Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Fashion Muses

It seems to me that in order to make it “big” in the fashion industry, designers must have a beautiful muse adorned with one of their latest creations. All designers have had celebrity muses at some point, Madonna as Versace’s ‘face’ from 1995-2005 and then Halle Berry for their Spring/Summer 2006 collection.

The muse almost seems to conspire with the designer to advertise and display the newest dress, or just influence the designers by their own individual style. Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra made an impression on Alexander McQueen creating the ‘darkly romantic autumn show.’

As number 1 in the top ten new muses on elleuk.com, Thandie Newton and Giles Deacon are the new top pairing. Thandie Newton now constantly appears parading out in a ‘Deacon masterpiece’ a show stopping, made to measure design. She herself describes his work as ‘sublime’ and publicizes the fact that Deacon, “won best fashion designer of the year!” Giles has also been known to complement Thandie on her, ‘natural style.’

However not all the observations of the new pairing’s creations are positive; The Guardian labelled her as wearing the “worst dress,” describing the mushroom pufftail as, “more taffeta slug than anything else.”

All criticisms whether positive or negative however have resulted in Thandie’s red carpet fashion status being launched to the top of almost every best dressed list placing Deacons dresses in the spotlight once again.

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