Thursday, 4 October 2007

I realised magazines were important, but taking a role in our class system?

I don’t think it is too evident, when you pick up your favourite magazine, that these everyday publications of our lives contribute to the division in our class system, but each magazine has its target audience. By looking at the adverts you are looking at the psychology of the reader.

Magazines are helping to define the classes, such as the Elitists with Dior and Gucci ads that the Fatalist’s can’t afford, with their ‘real life’ stories and ‘disaster’ articles. Then you have the Individualists who buy magazines such as iD and Tank, Super Super and Nylon. Perhaps targeted to the younger audience with up and coming designers, Gareth Pugh for instance has been a major factor in many recent articles. On the other hand Good Housekeeping, Lifestyle and Vanity Fair are the ‘everyone’s equal,’ ‘spread the wealth’ Egalitarians.

Through magazines everyone seems to be categorized into specific groups of fashion: Punks, Emo’s, Cosmopolitans and the High Fashionistas, corresponding with their wealth in society. Is this fair? Well, in a way I suppose it is as someone who buys Dior and Gucci probably won’t want to buy a magazine with only New Look or Bay Trading Company clothes.

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