Saturday, 20 October 2007

How related are music and fashion?

Personally I think music has always been a big contributing factor to our Fashion industry, and I don’t think many people realise that music journalism has been around for as long as fashion journalism, but it has.

I learnt today that Melody Maker was actually launched in 1926. I was quite shocked that music journalism has been around that long and people were criticizing classical music in the 19th Century, however then I realised that actually VogueUK has been around since 1916, so why not music as well.

Punk’s, Emo’s, Hippie’s, Indie’s and Glam Rock are just a few subcultures that have occurred due to changes in music over the years. Flower power Hippies listening to the Beatles, Punk’s with spiky multi-coloured hair listening to the Sex Pistols. Some might argue that actually it’s the other way round and that actually fashion influenced these cultures but I personally disagree. For example, when you look back at the 1920s the music influenced the designs of ladies dresses, which were given embellishments and tassels so they sparkled and swayed when they danced.

New subcultures seem to appear overnight with the new music and I don’t think you can actually prove whether fashion influences music or music influences fashion.

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