Monday, 22 October 2007

Neon galore

Every magazine I look at or read; all I see is Henry Holland or Agyness Deyn or both of them together. I might be slightly over exaggerating here but it is definitely true that this new pairing are in the lime light a lot!

They are best friends and old-time pals, so it’s no surprise that Agyness Deyn is Holland’s muse and the face of House of Holland. I was looking at the House of Holland website today as well and its amazing…rainbow coloured and sparkly (some might call it tacky, but I call it fabulous). There was also a great blog on the website; it was a poem about Henry Holland which made me smile.

On the official website Agyness can be seen modelling the various neon bright coloured t-shirts, saying things like GET YER FREAK ON GILES DEACON with her well known platinum blonde hair in some comedy poses, eg,bunny ears.

I think this couple show another side to the muse pairings; bringing a fun appearance to the fashion industry.

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